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Englishcamp Glücksstadt day 2 - Improving the team spirit and exploring the area

10.10.2018 - 19:30 Uhr

Competing against each other and cooperating as a whole group

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The second day of the Englishcamp started with the camp Olympics, those are daily activities where the four teams can gain points and get a surplus of money for the casino the last night. The other half of the day we did a bicycle tour in and around Glückstadt.

In four teams the participants had to trust each other for the “glue stick game” for example. The objective is to place the glue stick as far away from the starting line as possible without touching the ground behind the line. The groups outdid themselves multiple times by discussing and creating new strategies for over 20 minutes! 

The “pen-chain” was a challenge for the entire group. They needed to hold a pen between their own index finger an the one from the neighbour. In this formation, they had to tackle a parkour and overcome obstacles like a bench or pass below a rope. At the beginning, it seemed impossible for them but after some failures they managed to evolve a good communication model and they passed the exercise.

In the afternoon we did a bike tour to the different sights in and outside of Glückstadt. We drove north to Beidenfleth and took the ferry to get to the other side of the Stör. After a small stop at a little village shop we continued our journey and got back to the youth hostel after 35 kilometers!

While eating pasta for dinner you could look at many exhausted but happy faces.